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Start and scale your tech startup through Oakland's entrepreneurship network.

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 We want to help Oaklanders go from idea to scalable startups that will ultimately drive economic equity and resilience in our community. Through targeted programming in partnership with vetted high quality service providers, we will together activate a thriving ecosystem and reduce the barriers underrepresented entrepreneurs face in the critical early years. 


Find resources like office space, business services, and mentoring in Oakland for your tech startup in one place.


Gain hands on experience  in product and customer development through workshops, trainings, and curated events.


Bring your team to an intensive multi-day lab, connecting to customers, building product, and testing product market fit.


Build traction surrounded by mentors, other startups, and a community of resources to scale quicker and at a lower cost.

Our Vision For Oakland

Our vision is to foster a thriving entrepreneur centric high quality network in Oakland, California. Oakland's values of justice and inclusion coupled with its burgeoning tech entrepreneurship will be reflected in the way we innovate. By serving as the connective tissue of Oakland tech entrepreneurship, we will maximize the ease with which local tech entrepreneurs navigate the range of resources available for their business development and attraction of investment.  

Our focus is to lower the barriers and costs for tech entrepreneurs of color to create revenue generating and sustainable businesses that can become investment ready. This network will primarily benefit early stage (annual revenues less than $500k) information tech entrepreneurs in Oakland with an emphasis on serving entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups in tech - namely all women as well as men of color.

The Tech Startup Ecosystem

We are aligning all of Oakland's tech stakeholders to create and active an ecosystem focused on supporting homegrown entrepreneurs. All ecosystem members can support teams by providing relevant training, becoming early adopters, providing support services, or focusing on technical development and sales support.

Training Institutions

Business Associations

Incubators/ Accelerators

Banks & Investors

Governments/ Foundations

Service Providers

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