iLab Oakland

Where intersectionality meets innovation This is a space for tech done right


iLab Oakland is a residency with space to...

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Our organizations are...


Tech Startups

Early stage startups from OSN and Kapor Capital who are looking to grow mission-aligned Oakland/Bay area business


Community organizations

Nonprofit & Government organizations who are mission-aligned and working to increase diversity in tech & entrepreneurships



Individuals who are mission-aligned, who want to incubate a specific initiative and provide probono services to community in return

Our residents are...

  • Committed to Oakland or the greater East Bay 

  • Founder(s) of Color or Underrepresented Founders

  • Serving Underserved Communities through Tech

  • Mission-aligned to the Kapor Center

  • Beyond the Idea Stage

  • In Need of Space


Innovators in Residence...


We are proud to reside in Oakland, CA...



Oakland, CA

A city known for its community orientation, intersectional activism, and grassroots approach to problem solving. Its proximity to the largest tech hub, Silicon Valley, makes Oakland a high opportunity space for tech entrepreneurship, but with an imperative to do tech right as displacement and erasure are urgent and growing community problems

Located in Uptown – 2148 Broadway

On the second floor of the Kapor Center, where Oakland comes together to leverage information technology to solve real world problems

Applications are open for the next cohort!

We are looking for our next cohort of community oriented tech founders. Applications due November 30th, 2018 11:55pm.


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